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A world championship podium was the dream - Marrisa Axell

It came true, a reality three days ago, when I went from not quite believing in my skills on this unbelievably fast velodrome, to trying a really big gear (over 100!), to believing I can be in the front, to racing onto the podium.

I won the silver 🥈 in my category, and was 3rd overall.

I was on the back in the first sprint, and closed up the gap to the front split. Something in that effort helped me turn off my brain and turn on the flow state.

The second sprint I was 3rd, after seizing an opportunity whilst on the front.

The third sprint I was just outside the top 4, so I saved the effort, navigated toward the front and rode Melanie's wheel as she sat in the pole and ramped up the speed.

The final sprint went off with Monique attacking off of Penny's wheel and I attacked off of Melanie and it was game on.

I came around Penny for second in the final sprint for double points.

My face exploded with smiles and my eyebrows up in my hairline... I was so surprised and delighted and stunned that I had done it And I so. Much. left.

I was completely annoyed that I didn't have more faith in my legs on the day. But I was fully prepared (after a tumultuous week of a cold and losing my phone drama) and I found the opportunities when I let flow takeover.

So the week wrapped up with individual pursuit 5th, (totally sick and really disappointed), scratch race (sick and way undergeared on a 97), not quite sure where I was maybe 4th or 5th? 500 TT dfl, (to nobodys surprise) and points race 2nd!

Set big goals that are scary to say out loud. Stack your wins as you toil day in and day out. Have faith in YOU and love every step along the way.

None of this is possible without Annabell @coachingbygator and @iamicaniwillido advice on gearing and my main support @aengrocks ❤️

I still can't quite believe it🥈. Massive thanks to everyone who has reached out ❤️


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