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2024 Early Bird Training Series

The Early Bird Training Series, organized by Velo Promo, is a yearly event that usually takes place in January and February. The program is specifically developed to introduce and improve racing abilities over a duration of 4 weeks, taking place on consecutive Sundays. The event encompasses both instructional sessions and simulated competitions. Gwen, a member of the Revolution Racing crew, thoroughly enjoys her role as a mentor.

The series centers on fundamental racing abilities, including pack etiquette, cornering, sprinting, and safe racing practices. Every week is dedicated to a particular theme:

Week 1: Pack etiquette and basics like 360-degree awareness and predictable movements.

Week 2: Cornering techniques.

Week 3: Sprinting skills.

Week 4: Formation and anticipation in pack riding.

Week 5: Simulating race conditions​​.

Participants have expressed that the learning atmosphere is conducive to positive experiences, providing them with a secure and well-organized place to practice their abilities. The mentees expressed their gratitude for the mentoring sessions, which emphasized both safety and the enhancement of their skills. The series has shown to be highly advantageous for novice riders, providing an exceptional initiation to crit racing.

The series enhances racing abilities and fosters a shift in mindset, transitioning from an urban riding style to a more assertive and conscious approach inside a racing environment. Participants emphasized the need of engaging with seasoned mentors and acquiring knowledge from their expertise. The series is renowned for its capacity to establish a profound bond among riders, cultivating a feeling of comradeship and collective knowledge acquisition.

Each session comprises a clinic and a practice crit race, offering participants quick chances to apply their acquired knowledge in a real-world context. The course is designed to systematically enhance skills, with each week introducing further layers of intricacy and technique.

The main objective of the series is to equip riders for the upcoming racing season, with a particular emphasis on ensuring safety, enhancing skill development, and fostering sustained engagement in the sport. It has served as a paradigm for systematic and guided instruction in the fundamentals of racing.


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