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Gwen Miller Berkeley Streets Crit

I was not feeling that well but wanted to race to keep my mind off other things. I took a bunch of calcium chews which helped but I knew I'd have to do only no work the whole race, poor Shannon did most of it... I was really missing having teammates in the field but loved all the rev men marshaling during the race. I actually really liked this course. The slight uphill finish was certainly favorable for me. There race is really like two long straight always connected with sweeping corners. So I knew I couldn't really move up at the "corners" so a few laps to go I tried to move up a bit and the last lap to go I was trying to be top 3/4. Not sure where I ended up but we basically started sprinting after the corner. And I help on for 2nd. Rachel from AV won, she didn't do the hills race and she is a very good sprinter. She should have done the 1/2/3 race... I also got my peak power for the season! I do need to work on not breaking on the downhill corner. I knew I didn't need too but still did half the time.. oh and I did sprint in the inside (shorter line) like Marissa suggested

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