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Mike Hudley Berkeley Hills Road Race

Super fun racing with the team this weekend.  Here's the race breakdown for anybody who's curious. 

Road race was pretty hard throughout with people going pretty hard on the climbs but not crazy.  The power seemed to be spread out 9ver the tops of the climbs and with the rollers.  I think that was due to the fact that the really strong guys in our field being pretty big guys.  I was in the remaining group on the last lap and Will Harrower attacked up mama and dropped the field.  A few guys tried to chase but he got a 15 second gap or so.  He couldn't hold it to the bottom of papa but I think it really helped to gas everybody before the final climb which I think ended up helping me a lot.  Final climb people starting dropping like flies and two went up the road.  Sprinted around the guy I was climbing with and almost caught 3rd but wasn't able to.  Felt awesome finishing ahead of people who I've been smoked by in earlier races and putting some pain on the big 350+watt ftp guys that beat up the field so much on the flats/rollers

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