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USAC racing at the track

Updated: Jun 17

Marissa Axell rode with the cat 3 men with 3 goals: race bigger gears (100.3 and 98.6) and faster speeds, and ride in a pack tighter bubble. (Remember one gear and no brakes so it takes some practice!) Doing this in a bid to race the omnium (4 races in one day) and the scratch at elite nationals. All of that is practice to get a win at world championships.

So race 1: scratch on 100" gear. Never ridden such a hard gear. The 53x14 once we are up to speed there was a huge attack I was on his wheel and knew sustaining it would blow me up so I went, pulled out as soon as I could safely and spent rest of the time trying to recover. Finished in the second group for 9th.

Second race was the tempo race. Same too 3 guys attacked and got separation which means no points available until final sprint. I had changed gears down to 98 and in the final lap we had nearly reeled in 3&4, I led final half lap and one person came around me so was 6 th.

Final race was the win and out, I knew I would not be able to contest for first or second place because the top 3 again would be up the road but I knew I might be in for the sprint for 3-4-5. Sure enough I waited and into that final sprint lap I came around to be 2 or 3 in the sprint good for 6th I think. Every race I'm getting closer to the pointy end by being patient and then going all in when it counts. Super fun racing bigger gears, faster speeds and slightly longer races mimic the elite nationals. A few more weeks. Nationals is July 10-11 for Marissa Axell.

Marissa Axell is the founder of AXN Fitness and Coaching, helping her athletes become badass cyclists by showing them how to become stronger, ride further, and reclaim their mojo all while training less.


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