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The 2024 Golden State Race Series

Team Revolution had a stellar performance at the 2024 Golden State Race Series. Our men's team participated in the three-day event, competing in the Time Trial, Criterium, and Circuit races. At the same time, our women's team totally nailed the Criterium and Circuit races.

It is with great pleasure that we share the news that Mike, Julie, and Anna demonstrated their commitment and talent by securing podium results. Despite the difficulties, the squad had a fantastic time at all three races.

Revolution Racers: Jule, Anna Johnson, Mike Hudley, Justin Sowa, Matt Muhr, KC

Day 2: The Criterium

The Criterium race took place on a 0.9-mile loop within an office park, following a clockwise direction. The road was level, smooth, and had three or more lanes. It also had five broad and easy turns, making it ideal for a high-speed race.

The men's race proved to be exceptionally arduous as a result of the torrential rain, which added a severe level of difficulty to the competition. Nevertheless, our team's tenacity was evident as each member exerted effort to complete the event.

The women's race was made more challenging by the presence of puddles on the roadways, even though the rain had stopped before the start. Despite this, our women's team remains determined to secure a place on the podium.

Day 3: The Circuit

The 2.3-mile business park circuit was nontechnical and race counter-clockwise; it was our favorite in Northern California. The road on the route was wide and smooth, and there were ten easy turns. The third portion, which ran next to the highway, was particularly difficult because to a headwind, even if the weather was pleasant. Our crew showed their racing prowess once again by navigating these conditions with ease.

Congratulations to Mike on his Omnium finish. Jule and Anna proudly display their podiums for their outstanding performances in the Circuit, Crit, and Omnium.

Overall, the 2024 Golden State Race Series was a fantastic experience for Team Revolution. We are proud of our racers for their incredible effort and determination. Here’s to many more successful races ahead!

Thanks to Rio Strada Racing for hosting this awesome events!

Thanks to Greg Beliera for the awesome photos!!!


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