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Mike Hudley Berkeley Streets Crit

Justin and I were looking through the omnium and found that only one guy was ahead of me in the standing he finished 2nd in the road race (AM cycling) This guy also had a very strong teamate who was chasing down moves and very active on the front of both races.  I thought for sure he was gonna smoke me at the crit and would use teamwork to blow me up.  The points leader went into a two man break for a lap or so with 3 to go and I knew I couldn't let that happen.  Luckily a Dolce guy brought me up to them and I immediately counter attacked and was solo off the front with 2 to go.  I knew that if I dug too deep and they caught me I'd be toast so I rode threshold until the leaders teamate caught me and didn't pull.  Luckily again a Dolce guy took the front and hammered and brought me to the finish like 2nd wheel.  The leader took 6th.  Apparently they didn't even know that I was the only person to watch out for.... they were pretty dissapointed and I was shocked to find out their lack of strategy probably caused them the omnium.  I'll take whatever victory I can get in this cut throat sport


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